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22 Jun 2020

Bewerk geanimeerde promotionele / persoonlijke video in hd

I can make a 1920 x 1080 full HD video for you with custom Text Music

  • Colors Categories of Videos Birthday Party Videos Promotional Videos Tours Videos Personal Videos
  • Youtube Promotional Videos Other Details: I can make & edit your business / personal videos. In those videos i will animate text add effects, captions & color correction add beautifully photos and multiple videos into one video 15$/3Min Video Experience I have worked for Birthday Party videos Birthday Wish Videos Many promotional videos like for YouTube and websites. Burnt subtitle videos. Captions
  • Animated text FEEL FREE TO CONTACT I will assure your 100% Satisfaction on my work. You can discuss about any other project, I’ll be glad to help you with that. Software I Use I will be doing all editing with Filmora Premium with all of its effects packs activated to make your video even more beautiful.

Bewerk geanimeerde promotionele / persoonlijke video in hd

Informatie over de verkoper


  • Voornaam : Video Editor

  • gebruikersnaam : MuhammadUmer

  • land : PK

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : MuhammadUmer