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10 May 2020

Bouw een aangepaste filemaker-database-app voor computer, ipad en iphone.

Greetings from Charleston SC USA – I am available for Filemaker database work on a consulting basis. I have 23+ years experience developing in FileMaker Pro, during which I have built many complex databases for my University on projects that involve inventory tracking, process automation, summary reporting, Web Direct, customer tracking, and custom applications for FileMaker Go for iOS. I have also consulted recently for the entertainment, aviation, travel, and telecom sectors for organizations in the USA, Ireland, UK, Norway, and Sweden. I would be interested in an ongoing consulting relationship. As a university professor with flexible time between terms, I am available at certain times and in summer to work on-site internationally. During the fall and spring school terms I can work remotely. It is my goal to save your business, school, or cultural institution time and money by automating data gathering, quoting, invoicing, payroll, purchase orders, service calls, and other tasks. If you are interested, I would be glad to video conference and also to show my recent work in FileMaker Pro. Best regards, Marshall Forrester

Dr. Marshall Forrester Charleston, SC USA

Bouw een aangepaste filemaker-database-app voor computer, ipad en iphone.

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  • Voornaam : Filemaker Developer

  • gebruikersnaam : marshallforrester

  • land : US

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : marshallforrester