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11 Jul 2020

Build a lead generating google adwords ppc campaign (en-esp-de)

This service is perfect for someone looking either:

  1. To start generating high quality leads with a new Google Adwords campaign
  2. To optimize his existing Google Adwords campaigns
  3. To launch campaigns in German or Spanish based on their English Google Adowrds campaigns. Why is this service awesome? I am a Google Adwords and Analytics certified marketing professional with 5+ years experience in digital marketing and lead generation. Not only will I create or optimize your campaigns I will analyze your ideal client to make sure the keywords and ad texts are directed at these high-value targets. To create the best campaign possible I use a variety of tools including SEMRush, SpeedPPC, and iSpionage. I am never satisfied with the status quo but always try to increase the performance via research and a/b tests. What You Get:
  • Analysis of your ideal client
  • Fully Optimised Adwords Account built by a Google professional
  • Full keyword and negative keyword research
  • 2 ad texts per ad group for a/b tests
  • Ad extensions – Sitelinks, Call/ Location & Review Extensions
  • Targeting optimization: Location, Demographics, Devices
  • Ad Scheduling Important:
  1. Build ceiling - Up to 5 campaigns in total
  2. Delivery time is usually 5-8 working days from when I receive all the info/ access I need to start

Build a lead generating google adwords ppc campaign (en-esp-de)

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  • Voornaam : Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Expert

  • gebruikersnaam : Chris_R

  • land : DE

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : Chris_R