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26 Aug 2020

Create best ecommerce web product

E-Commerce Website - Business Proposal Document Document Prepared By : Vishal Mandhyan (Business Consultant ) Role which the company will focus on : Business 2 Business User (B2B) Business 2 Client User (B2C) Business 2 Business 2 Client User (B2B2C) My Understanding i. Search Box: Having a search box positioned well, will allow your visitors to quickly search for the product that they are looking for. ii. Featured Products: By displaying featured products on your home page or on the side columns of your site will inform your visitors of top selling products, sales offers or it can be a general products that you want to push further and make sure they get noticed. iii. Related products: This is a great up selling feature, which will show your visitors what other products they can purchase alongside what they are currently viewing, a clever way of positioning this is with a heading, Customers who bought this also bought: This will encourage your visitors to purchase more than one item at once. iv. Newsletter Subscription: Allow users to enter their email address to stay up to date with your offers and promotions, having this feature will allow you to build your mailing list for your to use in marketing campaigns. v. Product Zoom: Having a good zoom feature for your product images, is always a plus point online, as it allows visitors to see the minute details of your products, which works well, as sometimes customers prefer to feel and touch, so you can easily replace this by having a good zoom feature, which really brings out the details in your product. vi. Categories: Have clear categories on your site to list your products into, and have your categories displayed somewhere easy to access, e.g. across the top or on the side columns. vii. Good Navigation: Navigation is extremely important on an ecommerce site, users should be able to easily access various sections of the site, along with a quick link back to the shopping cart. viii. Good Payment Gateway: Choosing the perfect payment gateway solution for you site will give assurance and peace of mind to your visitors. Choose a merchant account that your visitors are comfortable with. ix. Privacy Policy: Display clear Privacy Policy link in your footer. x. Good Return Policy: When buyers see a good return policy they will have more assurance and peace of mind if ever something was to go wrong they can easily return their product. A good policy generally increases sales, as customers feel more safer to buy. xi. Customer login & registration: Give the option for customers to register on your site, so when they do return they don’t need to enter all their billing and payment details in again, giving them the flexibility to quickly check out. xii. Good Graphics: Make good use of graphics banners and images on the site, to attract visitors, also display your sales promotions, offers in attractive banners on the site for users to click on to. xiii. Delivery Information: Always inform how you’re going to be delivering your products to the customers, along with clear time scales, so that your customers know when to expect the delivery. xiv. News & Events: This section on the site where you can keep your visitors informed of new products, events, and other news related to your online business. Using a blogging platform or a module does this job perfectly. xv. Social Media Presence: Let your customers know that you’re available on networking sites, by having Social Media Logos on your site, some companies use networking sites as their customer support systems, interacting with their customers for enquires related to their orders. On the other hand some online retailers are only available to contact via networking platforms. Having a good social media presence will boost your online presence and brand. 2. Any type of products you can sell in your website (Website will be dynamic) 3. User can easily check the website as a guest user, for that user don’t have to login. 4. Whenever user will do some payment , user have to first login/register into the website. 5. User can do payment via paypal or stripe (Payment gateway suggested by the client.) (PayPal and Stripe offer a combined payment gateway and merchant account ,So it is said to be a better option as you would be needing a merchant account as well) 6. User can add items to cart, buy the item, Manage his orders, Cancel the delivery as well as check the delivery where it has reached. (Courier Service will be implemented as per the client’s suggestion, which courier client has to chose, free and paid both services are available depend on the framework which we are choosing) 7. User can also share the items on flipkart or any other social network like instagram, twitter to know the suggestion from his/her peers. 8. All the products will be managed from admin , as well as the SEO if hired by you can manage the website through the content management system which we will provide you in admin side, to upload blogs, do social sharing on facebook,instagram, twitter, pinterest and so on. ( social sharing will be limited as per client’s suggestion, like how many social sharing client needs) 9. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based data format that is used to distribute information online. This means that your customers can subscribe to your RSS feeds and be notified of new products and promotions. RSS is a great way to let your customers know about new products available in your store. User Role :

User Admin

Key Features : Website (User)

Home (Will contain all the products) Login Forget Password Social Login (Facebook /Google) Register Register Confirmation Profile Edit Profile Product List view Product Detail View Similar Products Search Products Advanced Search Filter & Sort Products Product Image zoom (Zoom View which shows real image + You can zoom inside and outside both) Add to Cart Add to Favourites CheckOut a. Place Order (Order Management) Payment Gateway (Paypal/stripe or any other gateway as preferred by client) Save Card (You can automatically save your Card and manage your debit/credit card) My Order( All orders placed will appear here) Track Order (Real time Tracking on Order, whether order has dispatched or not for that 3rd party Api will be integrated which will exactly provide information about order. ) Order Cancellation Newsletter Subscription Social Sharing (user can Share the products on instagram,twitter, facebook and any other client preference) Offers Banner Images Google Ads (On client Preference) News & events (This will connect users about upcoming products or new launch of products) About Us Privacy Policy Return Policy Apply for Franchise ( Any retailer or wholesaler needs your products in bulk and apply from here and can fill up a form and you will get the leads on backend) Delivery Info Contact Us Logout

Key Features : Website (Admin)

Manage User (View/Edit/Delete) Manage Products (Add/View/Edit/Delete/Export/Import) Manage Sub Products/Categories (Add/View/Edit/Delete/Export/Import) (Add Images/Product Description) Manage Search Manage sort & filter Manage Payment Gateway Manage Order Manage Replace or Return Manage Delivery (3rd Party Api) Manage Offers (Add/View/Edit/Delete) Manage Banner Image(Add/View/Edit/Delete) Manage newsletter Subscription (Normally we can use mailchimp integration for automatic emailing to the registered users whenever new offers or products are uploaded in the website) Manage Static Content (Add/View/Edit/Delete) (it’s the content management System) Which is for adding blogs,About us, contact us, privacy policy, Terms & condition and all other static pages which you need)


Login Register Social Login Api Integration Social Sharing Api integration Email Authentication Email Verification Sms Authentication (If needed to authenticate user on mobile phones for offers or any other updates) Filter Sort Search (Keyword based Searching) Payment Gateway (3rd Party Integration) Delivery (3rd Party Api Integration for Courier Service) Orders Cart management Google Ad Integration (If needed) Image Upload Product zoom View Order Cancellation Return Functionality Offer management Web Scraping (Api Integration) (For scrapping all the products from amazon and ebay to our website as well as to our backend)

Estimated TimeLine

Discovery & Design : 5 Business Days HTML Creation : 5 Business Days Functional Website:8 Business Days Admin Panel & Backend: 15 Business Days Testing: 3 Business Days

Total Estimated Time Effort: 36 Business Days Approximate Days : 28 Business days

Create best ecommerce web product

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