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05 Jul 2020

Doe data-onderzoek om contacten en e-mails en internet voor uw doelgebied te achterhalen

  • ANY COMPANY OR ANY COUNTRY OR ANY CATEGORY ACCEPTED* I will do Data research for collecting contact information. If you need to find out contact information for a particular company or business category (Example: I need contact lists of USA 1000 marketing companies) then give me this work, I will do it within few days. I will provide following info to be included in a database:

Company Name Business Address Website Business e Mails Contact Number Contact Person(If Available) Fax (If Available)

If you message me in the jobdone inbox to see some of my Working samples.

What method you’ll use for my work?

  • Well, I have to use various resources for the different type of jobs. Why you are expensive? Others offering a lot of data?
  • I am a Professional & passionate about my job (Pls check my feedback). I believe in quality more than quantity. I will provide you totally verified data, no bad data on your side; which mean I’ll send you correction/replace for each wrong/bounce data/leads. 100% quality research, you’ll Love that. What type of Format you’ll follow for my project?
  • Format always vary based on my buyer requirements. I must confirm you potential Format before start working. Please just share with me your wanted Format, I’ll provide you Maximum data (based on availability). My work is not listed in your gig description, do you allow others research?
  • Please just message me, I must confirm you my status ASAP.

Doe data-onderzoek om contacten en e-mails en internet voor uw doelgebied te achterhalen

Informatie over de verkoper


  • Voornaam : Web Research- Scraping-Data Entry- Virtual Assistant

  • gebruikersnaam : jobdonepromise

  • land : GB

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : jobdonepromise