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02 Jul 2020

Migrate wordpress or other php/mysql site and optimize performance and security

Setup / Migrate Webservers (Linux/Windows):

Linux: Apache, Nginx, PHP / PHP-FPM (v5.3-to-v7.1), MariaDB MySQL, Firewall IPTables, Fail2Ban, Mail Server and all other Web hosting related work. 
Windows: IIS & MS-SQL
Optimizing webservers and websites, web applications, Database servers for performance and efficiency.
Migrating Websites from one server to another with minimum or no downtime.
I can setup / migrate Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart and all other popular PHP/MySQL based apps
Server Consolidation and Cost Saving:

By optimizing your server config and careful analysis of your web applications, you can downsize your hosting server and save quite big recurring costs. You can improve Page speed of your applications, WordPress and other services and boost SEO. Can also setup http2 over SSL for added ranking and performance benefits VestaCP Free Web Panel like cPanel

I'm well versed with VestaCP, been using and deploying it since last 4 years. I'm also one of the most active members (and mod) at VestaCP forums. Can install, configure and fine tune with Apache + Nginx (rev proxy) or Nginx + PHP-FPM whichever you feel like.
Can accomplish in 2-3 hours and also help you migrate site(s) from old server to this new one.


![Migrate wordpress or other php/mysql site and optimize performance and security](/img/service/migrate-wordpress-or-other-php-mysql-site-and-optimize-performance-and-security-9ldwDSOcwB.jpg)


### Informatie over de verkoper


- Voornaam : Web Servers and Cloud infra Administrator with 15+ years of extensive experience

- gebruikersnaam : mehargags

- land : IN

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : [mehargags](2011)