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01 Apr 2020

Test de beveiliging van uw website / mobiele app

I work as a freelance penetration tester, performing detailed security tests for websites and mobile applications.

I use various automated test tools, review the results manually, filter out the false positives,and also perform manual tests. The result of my study is a thorough report with well-thought, applicable recommendations. Upon rectification of the identified vulnerabilities, I perform a quick, second round of tests to verify that the issues have been properly addressed. If requested by the client, I can also assist the developer teams or your security personnel about the issues that I have identified, so that they gain a sufficient level of understanding of the attack vectors. I am open to both one-off and continuous assignments. Please contact me to get my current availability. I am strict about the ethical aspect of my job. I do not accept engagements that involve performing security tests not authorised by the application/web site owner, or preparing attack codes/tools.

Test de beveiliging van uw website / mobiele app

Informatie over de verkoper


  • Voornaam : Web Application Penetration Tester

  • gebruikersnaam : rehaesen

  • land : TR

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : rehaesen