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12 Aug 2020

U voorzien van gericht advies / coaching voor loopbaanplanning en een plan

Deciding on your next steps in your career is always going to be a process of exploration, making choices and working on a series of steps to help you to reach your goals. I’ll send you a career mapping plan, and will engage in 3 short sessions with you (each one will be 40 minutes) to help you to create your plan. We can do this on Join me so we can screen share. (I’ll sned you a code for each booked 30 minue session). This support will help you if you are:

at a crossroads, and are considering changing career; returning to work after a break; facing uncertainty; and, not changing career, but want to progress, or increase satisfaction.

I’ll also send you a pdf (10 pages) with exercises to complete after the first session. The tailored exercises are designed to help you to explore options and will assist you in finalising you action plan. I’m a trained Master Coach and have worked on career development witin large companies. Let me help you to pinpoint where you want to be and to create those steps to help you get there! Please allow a week timescale for this to be completed, as we’ll set targets for each week to maximise your investment.

U voorzien van gericht advies / coaching voor loopbaanplanning en een plan

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  • gebruikersnaam : CherylJ

  • land : GB

Als je mij wilt inhuren, neem dan contact met mij op via : CherylJ